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Thermal Store Installation
Essex and Suffolk

If you require Thermal Store Installation contact us today. We can fit and repair Thermal Store cylinders in Essex and Suffolk for eco-friendly central heating.

What is a Thermal Storage Tank?

A thermal storage tank is different from a conventional hot water tank. A thermal store is a vessel for managing and storing heat until it is required. In a residential property, the heated water can be stored in a well-insulated cylinder. These are often called buffers or accumulator tanks.

Thermal Store Installation Essex and Suffolk - a thermal storage tank system

Thermal stores are usually thinner and taller than conventional tanks, and this is so the natural tendency of heated water is encouraged to form layers of heat. The coldest is at the bottom of the tank and the hottest at the top. This process is known as stratification. 

How does a Thermal Store Work?

The water from your taps does not come directly from the thermal storage tank. Instead, the water is heated by passing through a heat exchanger that will transfer heat from the thermal store to the water. The heated water will then pass through your taps or mains. The energy that is produced from solar thermal can also be used to heat water via a thermal store. 

installing a thermal store

Are Thermal Stores Efficient?

Thermal stores have shown to work exceptionally well with heat pumps, wood-fuelled biomass boilers, solar water heating systems and wind energy. Thermal stores provide an excellent solution for integrating different heat sources to increase energy efficiency and deliver water and space heating like radiators and underfloor heating. 

How do you Size a Thermal Store?

The size of the thermal store you require depends on several different factors. For example, the larger the property, the larger the store would need to be, in order for you to have adequate heating and hot water. It also depends on the inputs you have; for example, Solar Thermal will require up to 50 litres per square meter of the exposed panel. We will calculate the size of the thermal store you need based on your homes needs and requirements. 

Our team at Greenables Ltd have many years of experience in renewable heating. If you need any help or information regarding thermal store installation  in Essex and Suffolk , please contact us on 07841 779 196.

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