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Solar Thermal Installation
Essex and Suffolk

We supply, install and maintain Solar Thermal Systems throughout the areas in and around Essex. 

What are Solar Thermal Systems?

Solar thermal systems use solar collectors to gather natural energy that is provided by the sun. The collectors then convert natural energy into power. If you add a Solar Thermal System to your conventional heating system, it will provide you with a heating backup for your domestic hot water and central heating. 

Solar Thermal Installation Essex and Suffolk - solar panels installed on domestic home

How do Solar Thermal Systems Work?

Solar thermal panels are installed on the roof of your house to allow maximum exposure to the sun. The water inside the solar panels is then heated naturally. It will be stored in a hot water cylinder, and you can use it throughout your home. 

What do I need for a Solar Thermal System?

A solar thermal system consists of several components listed below:

hot water storage tank
  • Solar collectors installed on the roof of your home
  • Unique heat transfer fluid
  • A hot water tank for heating your water
  • A heat exchanger
  • A combination tank is also required for supplying hot water to the heating system and water for drinking.

Our team at Greenables Ltd can supply all the components you need for the installation of your Solar Thermal System. We will give you all the help and advice you require from a free quote for the solar system to the supply and installation. 

Is there enough Sunshine for Solar Thermal Systems in the UK?

While it is agreeable that the United Kingdom does not have the benefit of sunshine all year round. Solar thermal systems will work even when the weather is overcast and cloudy. You can be sure that there will be enough sun available to heat your domestic hot water system.

How much can I save with a Solar Thermal System?

By having a solar thermal system, you will be able to look forward to lower energy consumption and in turn, lower monthly energy bills. You could save up to 60% of your hot water energy costs by using a solar thermal system.

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