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Interesting install this week on a Barge! A very compact working area. The team installed a Klover Thermoaura pellet boiler in bronze and Joules 200l thermal store with plate heat exchanger.  

Big thank you to the amazing team this week!    Thank you to Firepower for speedy delivery.

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Recent install of a Arikazan Ventum VG log gasification boiler. The customer contacted us, wanting to replace an old oil boiler with a renewable and greener option to heat their home.  As they have their own supply of wood it will cost little to nothing to heat their home with this boiler.  The install was a tricky one as they wanted the boiler in theceller.AJB steel made a A frame on site to assist the installation team lowering the heavy boiler down into the celler carefully, along with 2 800l tanks.  We have designed the tank system to heat the first tank first, so the customer has the option to burn for longer so they have more capacity to store heat for later.  The customer will build a fire everyday or every other day to heat the home.One of the 800l tanks is equipped with solar thermal coil and will eventually be connected to the customers solar thermal.  Big thank you to Martin Firepower for all his help.  Thank you to the installation team.  AJB steel R.bean plumbing and heating ltd.

Our recent HS Tarm TPK 24 biomass boiler installs. 


Last years Hs Tarm Biomass boiler, thermal store and Flue system install replacing broken ground source heat pump. Biomass is organic material derived from wood waste. Burning these biological materials in a biomass boiler provides a renewable and sustainable source of heat. Biomass boilers work in a similar manner to conventional boilers, where water is heated up and then circulated to provide the heating requirements for a building. They can therefore easily be retrofitted into an existing system, as well as being installed as part of a brand new heating system.